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Dear Fellow ILE Citizens,

Please read the attached which includes the following:

  1. Notice of Serving Interrogations
  2. Interrogations
  3. Request for Production
  4. Request for Admissions

One Note:     

Mr. Casey has researched all court cases and there is no court case he has found that prohibits maintenance fees from being used for the golf course.


#7 Since 1966, the maintenance funds generated by the restrictive covenant referred to above has been used for the preservation and upkeep of the following described areas and amenities:

Golf Course

18 hole


23,000 square feet

Fishing Pier

1,158 lineal feet

Beach and Pavilion

3.5 acres


20 spaces

Boat Ramp

2 ramps

Total Roadways

140 miles

Paved Roads

110 miles


6 miles

Roadside Easements

280 miles

Drainage Ditches

75 miles


11 lakes

Tennis Courts

2 courts

Shuffleboard Courts

8 courts

Street Lights

75 light poles


Jim Way       

Please click on the notice area highlighted below:

Notice of Interrogatories; Requests for; regarding the ongoing legal process concerning the new "License agreement"


We've taken the time to place the New "Restrictions" in the same documents with the Old "Covenants" so that you can see what changes you will be voting on.
The new "Restrictions" are in Red, the "Old Covenants" are in Black.

Click here to view the "NEW" vs "OLD"--- Residential Restrictions

Click here to view the "NEW" vs "OLD" ---Commercial Restrictions


Letter to Members Regarding License Agreement

Be certain to look at page 2 of the above letter for dates of meetings!


Amendment and Restatement of License Agreement and Covenants and Restrictions for Indian Lake Estates

(This is an 18 page document and will take a moment to load)



History of court cases involving Indian Lake Estates that are attached to your property title.

Covenants in Indian Lake Estates and their history.


For the past 10 years Vince Mee has provided and raised new flags twice yearly so that Old Glory may fly at the ILE Golf Course. Next time you're making the turn between 9th and 10th holes - take time to note this sign of freedom.