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The information provided below is merely history that is recorded on your title documents. This is not something that is unique to Indian Lake Estates. Some deeds might have original land grant information on them, or restrictions on to whom you may sell your property. This is the information that you pay the title company to search out for you when you purchase a "Title Policy".

Some of you may have noticed on the Title Policy that is attached to your Mortgage Deed, some exceptions to the title, listed in paragraphs, some references to Book Numbers and Page numbers. These refer to the History of your property as recorded by the Clerk in the Polk County records. Listed below are some of them that are of interest to Indian Lake Estates residents. We have actually put them on the site for easy reading. For instance, if you would like to know just how it was that your maintenance fees increased, check out this one. 3341/0924 Affidavit.

1693/2006 Case # GC-G-73-1557 Balzer covenants suit.
1982/1748 Case # GC-G-78-363 Maintenance fees proper.
2256/0690 Case # GC-G-84-855 Decision on Woodlands propery.
2333/1981 Case # GC-G-84-855 Stock transfer June 1985.
3139/1181 Case # G-60-54238 Consolidation order of ILE Inc
3168/2172 Case # G 60 54238 Amended Consolidation order no roads
3335/1222 Case # GC-G-92-2672 3335/1222 Tile Roof
3341/0924 Affidavit Raising Maintenance Fees
3541/0534 Case # GC-G-94-661 3534-2013Suit against fee increase
3748/1107 Deed from ILE Utilities
3971/0118 Signs Case # GCG-96-2230 Putting up Signs
842/224 Case # 54238-71-532 Money to be used for maintenance
976/1016 Bankruptcy 1965
998/752 Case # 54238-71-532 Budget of fees 1966

Copies of the Covenants of Indian Lake Estates
Residential Covenants
Commercial Covenants

If you feel adventurous you can go to the Polk county Records site and look up just about anything that has transpired in the county. If there was a record of it happening it should be recorded there.

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